Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Update Finished

the might update is finshed for now


mostly finished, the start of the oil portraits

Karen III

the lady returns once more, quite proud of this one big ol' picture must be over a meter high


done for a couple i know, was the anniversary


the mural in action


more of the mural

gil-scott heron

king of the groove part of my wall mural

2nd Year

paintings for year 2 done in oil paints
concentrating on the artist

Life Drawing

Dark, Real Dark

started of with a base idea of paul bettany, then went with it....
didnt take too long, Oil paint is fantastic

Opera Poster Project

opera poster for... youve guessed it, the rape of lucretia

Titans Attack!

titans attack but man fights back with the mighty Shoryuken

Nearly Updated

yes i am nearly done, all that remains is the paintings, and then well whatever comes next...


its everyones favourite elephant, part of an illustration for an animal rights dvd(i think) you can purchase it via amazon but i wont get any proceeds so i wouldnt bother
got some credits action though


lyrics made visual, doodling to music basically

Bit Of Road Safety

Karen II

the lady again

Sketchbook Work

bit O sketchbook work for you

Monkey Man

Big Big Monke-ey maa-an

Life Drawing

life studies, for good measure

Old School

self portrait project


done for a display at a show
its my dog


a friend, a cool one


the lady herself


the ultimate battle


This Is How We Do It

old college work and yes its the only way to move


old quick study, nothing special but i like it

The Start Of An Era

this is it, the beggining of trying to be professional, planning to keep this updated with new art regually, so check back when you can